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Siena - Toscana - Italy
tel. 0577 - 660081 / 0577-892790
fax 0577 - 660081
Contract - Hotels - Restaurants - Furnishings for farmhouse Kitchens in Style and Modern - Kitchens in Masonry Bookcases & studies Furnitures of Collection Taverns - Country solid wood furnishings Complements for Furnishing, Reception, Hotel
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Complements for Furnishing, Reception, Hotel

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For many years “Z style” has specialised in the production of accessories to complement prestigious furnishings.
In our catalogue there is a vast assortment of swords, scabbards and suits of armour.
Their production from design to completion is closely followed by our manager Ivo del Zonzo an empassioned expert in the various phases of their manufacture.
Our wooden sculptures and religious articles, available in a wide assortment, are skillfully carved, the engravings are carried out by experts and all the items differ in detail so that each one becomes unique.
Following ancient techniques, handcrafted decorations are carried out with silver and gold leafing and polychrome tempera.
The articles we create are unique of their kind and with them we aim to prorogate the tradition of Florentine master handcraft which through the centuries has continued to produce works of exceptionally high class.

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