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Siena - Toscana - Italy
tel. 0577 - 660081 / 0577-892790
fax 0577 - 660081
Contract - Hotels - Restaurants - Furnishings for farmhouse Kitchens in Style and Modern - Kitchens in Masonry Bookcases & studies Furnitures of Collection Taverns - Country solid wood furnishings Complements for Furnishing, Reception, Hotel
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Furnitures of Collection

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Presented in our catalogue is a wide selection of reproduction period furniture made of solid walnut, cherry and other hand woods.
There is a wide range of designs all in keeping with the spirit of the original models and the reproductions are embellished with handcrafted patterns and engravings.
Our company creates its products with great care and priority has always been given to hand finished work, use of the best raw materials and the aesthetic details which give them an unmistakeable individual style.

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